An astonishing 68 percent of elementary school teachers reported a significant increase in the number of behavioral problems in their classrooms over the past five years. Enhanced, updated strategies and behavioral techniques are needed to address this new, staggering reality. Love Your Classroom Again teaches you the best ways to tackle almost any behavioral challenge faced in preschool and elementary classrooms.
Love Your Classroom Again is for educators of all levels who want to rediscover their passion for teaching, love of their students, an excitement to spend each day in the classroom, but aren’t sure how. This book will give you:

  • A clear understanding of behavior in a way you have never heard before
  • Easy-to-implement tools to deal with the challenging student behavior you face
  • Strategies used successfully in a wide range of educational settings
  • A renewed, realistic perspective on classroom activity
  • A fresh experience of teaching with you fully in charge 

Love Your Classroom Again is the quintessential guide for both teacher and parent on how to teach positive, realistic behaviors to our children. The book should be required reading.

– Dr. Robert Furman, Principal and TEDx Speaker