A wonderful resource! Reading Dr. Marcie's new book, Love Your Classroom Again: Realistic Behavior Strategies for Educators, is a must read not only for teachers of children with or without special needs, but for parents and grandparents, too.
Her writing style presents her personal scenarios and provides clear, concise solutions which are surprisingly simple and highly effective.
As a Speech-Language Specialist, I deal with a cross-section of students. As I read Love Your Classroom Again, I was amazed at how often one of my students showed similar behavioral characteristics as those in Dr. Marcie's journeys. I wish I had had this powerful resource earlier. However, it is never to late.

- Amazon Customer

“This book is a treasure of Dr. Marcie's wisdom and a must have for every early childhood teacher and parent alike. Dr. Marcie thoughtfully shares her strategies on positively communicating with children, while building trusting and honest relationships with our students. Throughout this book she shares clear examples of childhood behaviors that we see everyday, describes what the child is communicating to us through the behavior, and offers concrete strategies and steps that we can use in the classroom to help our students move past those behaviors. With each visit to this book, your own teaching practice will continue to grow and deepen. Many thanks to Dr. Marcie for sharing her unending knowledge and vibrant spirit with us.”

- Colleen D. Brown, M. Ed.; Early Childhood Administrator & Educator Adjunct Professor in Early Childhood Education at Hunter College

"Love Your Classroom Again is a teacher's workbook, cheerleader, and behavioral guide bringing together personal scenarios of nationally renowned behavior therapist Dr Marcie Beigel. The framework of this uniquely voiced atlas for behavioral understanding and strategies allows tools to put out immediate fires in the classroom and philosophies to help educators know themselves and create a culture of respect with families, students, and their love of teaching! Small beings have big creativity and natural tendencies to want and seek  attention at all costs!  Teachers will be thrilled with the quick wit of Dr Marcie Beigel's behavioral resource guide Love Your Classroom Again and the immediate progress they see within their classrooms! As a special educator and director of student affairs for a school of students with a multitude of abilities and challenges my goal is to help students achieve the greatest confidence and independence... I have found the powerful reflections of this book to be of great impact and called upon the strategies often to keep positive energy and communication flowing with parents, colleagues, and our students! Love Your Classroom Again is a resource to keep handy as you can always find a helpful card to pull for any situation!” 

- Amanda J Friedman, MSEd, SBL; Director & Co-founder Atlas Foundation For Autism

Dr. Marcie is literally the best there is when it comes to difficult behavior. She has navigated our son and family to a much happier, calmer, and healthier place. I can't wait to read her book because I know there will be a wealth of useful info and new ideas for dealing with problem situations. For anyone who has interactions with challenging kids, I have no doubt this will be a must read

-Alisue, Amazon Customer

“Where oh where has this book been my whole life? I treasured every story of Dr. Marcie's book as if it were my own. The tales are relatable to me as a teacher and a parent of small beings. The "Smallest Step" will be a game changer for many - it's an immediate action you can implement as soon as you turn the page. The titles are helpful in pinpointing the behaviors you are trying to modify and finding a strategy you can immediately implement. Love Your Classroom Again is a practical guide that affirms what you are doing right, provides clear explanations for behaviors, and kindly guides you to lead your classroom or home with love, consistency, and meaning. This is a must-have guidebook  for all teachers and parents.”

 - Danielle Perrotta, 5th Grade Educator, Curriculum Consultant, and Mom of two children

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